Published October 27, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

I left you blackened

With hatred.

A hatred so pure,

So deep,

That you never knew.

It barely touched you,

Yet it engulfed you,

Pulled you up the beaten track,

Harder and harder still, and

Only the air on your lips,

Could recognise

Your faint cries,

Behind unobtainable words.


Your cries were filled with pain,

And I couldn’t help.

The breath tore violently

Through your lungs

As screams ripped out;

Silent screams…

That only I could hear.

Your tears began to pour,

As the storm inside you, raged

To new heights you thought

You’d never see.


Then you fell…


And without a single sound,

You collided with the ground,

And I knew you never wanted,

To try and turn around.

But I’m sorry.

I made you,

And I failed you.

I just couldn’t decide,

What was best to do.


Did I help you to die

On the inside, by returning

Too late to your side?

Or by half-heartedly lifting you,

Just up enough,

To give you the height,

To fall down a new?


I know you’re confused;

You still hold that hatred,

That you need to let go,

But I’m slowly edging,

                Ever closer.


I can almost feel your breath in my lungs,

And your heart beat merged with mine,

The pain is dying instead of you.

You’re yielding off its


You’re fighting with determined courage

And I know you’re going to shine.


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