Published October 27, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

How can somebody say “I know how you feel”,

When they don’t know the truth,

They don’t know what’s real.

They’ve not thought like your mind,

They’ve not felt like your heart,

Shattered to pieces

And falling apart.


No one can say

“I know what you mean”


Have they seen what you’ve seen?

Your struggle everyday

To just stay alive

You want to do more,

Than simply survive.


You want to live.

Live. Live everyday like it’s your last.

Or so the cliché says.


But you’re dead.


Dead on the inside,

Dead in your eyes,

Keeping a smile on your face,

Though it’s lies.

And you hide from the world,

You want to run from your pain,

But you keep falling backwards,



And again.


What’s the use, the point,

You’re so stressed, you’re a mess,

You’re depressed, there’s nothing left

To grasp, to clasp, you’ve lost who you are,

You don’t know where you’re going

But you know where you’ve been,

What you’ve seen, what you’ve done,

How you’ve hurt, how you’ve lost,

How you’ve stopped having fun…


What’s the point?


You’re empty and alone,

People say that you moan,

But who are they to judge?

Do they sit on a throne?

Have they been through your pain?

Crying in the darkness, hating your name,

You feel that it’s ugly,

And you are the same.


You’re tired, exhausted,

Dried up from your tears,

You feel like you haven’t been happy

For years.

When life knocks you down,

It can be hard to stand tall,

When you’re constantly prepared,

For the upcoming fall.


It’s unbearable,

Having no way to escape,

But to hurt yourself,

Even torture through hate.

It’s inevitable,

You’re going to feel ****e,

You’re lost in the darkness,

You can’t see a light.


But it’s there…


You’ll see it.

One day.


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