One Millimetre

Published October 27, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

One millimetre.


That’s all it takes to break

The silent border

Between dead and alive.

It’s not much,

But it’s just enough to keep

You coming back for me.

To make you feel



You’re stuck in an endless mind,

Halfway from where you’ve been,

But no closer to where you’re going.


Do you even know where that is?


It punctures. Pierces the everlasting scar

Of eternal bleeding.

Bleeding of pain,




A succession of waves crash through your mind, your body

As it gets deeper engraved into



You feel the breath pressing on the walls

Of the bones it’s forever encaged by.

Desperate to burst…


But it stays.


It stays trapped in the blood,

And you feel the rush,

The rush that’s only escape

Is the slice from your sanity

That you’ve so blissfully taken away.


It hurts.


But that’s good isn’t it?


Well, it would be, except, you don’t even know what’s good anymore.

Do you?


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