Published October 27, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

Look in the mirror,

What do I see?

I can guarantee you,

That isn’t me.

Or is it me?

Just the ‘me’,

I don’t want to be?


The glass isn’t broken,

It’s my reflection,

It’s shattered,


Beyond repair…


I don’t even know

Who I am any more,

And it hurts. To see

I’m lost,

And not who I was before.


I’m voiceless.

It’s useless

Trying to explain,

I know you don’t care,

And all of this is in vain,

But you haven’t seen through

My eyes, or been inside

My head,


So don’t judge.


We’re not all the same.

And the ‘me’ that I see,

She’ll one day,

Be just                  a memory.


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