The Greatest Revenge

Published October 27, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

The tears that fall are in aid

Of nothing that you do,

It’s evoking the depths,

Of hell bent destruction,

In my darkest mind,

That causes my heart to ache,

Causes my eyes to run,

Causes my spirit to drown.


The knife twists and pulls the soul

In every wonky direction,

Until it snaps from the pressure,

Or bends irreversibly,

And concaves to a putrid state.


You see the blurry eyes from a surface scratch,

But don’t see the saturated hurt from within.


It means nothing to you!


Your laughter pierces the ever present

Stifling in my heart and shortens the gap between

Hatred and love,

Ever fulfilling your despicable destiny.


You always have something left,

Projecting more,

Suffocating me,

Destroying me,

Piece, by ‘hilarious’ piece,

You find the ways to kill the life,

Bury the light that’s  already dim.


But I promise you this…


With every breath I breathe,

Every second I’m alive,

You will not take this from me!

You cannot stop me living!

You cannot tear me down!

You cannot break apart what I have worked

So hard on fixing!

You cannot make me drown!


With everything you give,

And with everything I own…


I’ll get the greatest revenge,

Of happiness.


You’ll never.

Get the best.

Of me.


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