Published October 29, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

Do you want to watch me burn?

Are you intent on dragging me back through the fire,
From which I’ve not long escaped.

It burns. 
The inside is more visible than the out.
The scars and deep wounds
Burn holes in my chest,
That feel like everything’s a daze.

My breathing tightens,
My heart jumps feet away,
Not wanting to be part of the fight.
Not anymore.

It’s done its part.
It’s tried to help,
But to no avail.

Tears do no damage,
But neither do they heal.
They just sit, wet upon the face of despair,
That the mirror now sees,

As you.

And with every drop,
Every breath,
Every touch,
Every depth,
Every cry,
Every night,
Every hell,
Every fight – 

There’s nothing more to do,
Than divulge all your secrets,
To the cursed flames that will burn you down,
With no look back to tomorrow.


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