To Feel To Love

Published October 29, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

You don’t yet know the difference,
Between beauty or bleak,
Because your heart has never slammed so hard
On its cage 
So that it broke the hand that tried to free it.

You deserve to see the difference.
To know the truth.
But to those who are blind;
It’s never an option.
Only a dream.
And so if they can’t see it,
Why should you?
Why should any of us
Have the right
To a brighter truth than them?

But they can feel.
Everyone can feel.
Whether that be touch,
Or pain,
Or sun,
Or rain,
Or the need to feel someones hand
Entertwined with yours
To know that you are loved.
Or to feel the joy in someones voice,
When on that fateful day of meeting you,
They shyly say “hi.” 

We all deserve to feel love.

So if your heart cries.
With the excluded stories,
It never got to tell,
Don’t weep for it.
Because those hearts that broke,
Can still feel in the shattered pieces
That remain on the ground.

And although Sometimes you have to know when the eyes of love
Can only be subject to so many tears
Before they decide they don’t want to feel,
You have to look a little longer
Into the flecks of insanity,
That brought you this pain in the first place – 
And realise…

It’s a beautiful pain.

Because although you’ve always
Had to spend your days,
Keeping your head above the ground,
For fear that the world only existed
To swallow you whole,
You realise…
That the beauty of you,
Sometimes begins with the word love,

And ends in the colour of your heart.


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