Published October 29, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

Your cries evaporate into the night,
But not before they reach
The ears, of those 
who have lied before you,
Who have cried before you,
Who have died before you.

They try to help,
To claw you back, but
The wind whispers
Its emaciated pain onto you,
And it’s too late.
You breathe it in

With open lungs. 

It tears at your stance,
Throws you around,
With no evidence
Of cuts.
Or bruises.

You’re still – just here.

Not living,
Never living.

Through the ground your feelings never falter,
They’re stronger than black diamonds on a cliff face,
Waiting to be drowned in the sea below.

And you drown,
Under the weight of the world,
Before saying
Your final



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