Learning to Fall

Published January 31, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

There are times,
When the thoughts of tomorrow cancel out the thoughts of yesterday.
Usually, these times coincide
With when I look into your eyes,
And I feel the moonlight
That searches your face
For every time your smile
Is engraved,
Into the heart that you made.

A Heart that skips 10 million beats
Because it becomes a want more than a need.
And when every freckle on your face
Makes up a dot to dot that
Defines your place,
Sometimes you need to draw with black chalk on a white board.
You need to get your hands dirty
So that in order to make things clean
You have to repaint the sky
With days that only might have been.

So if you’re learning to fall,
I’ll catch you,
And throw you back to the stars,
Because if you long to fly
between the diamond skies,
you’ll have longer to try.
And with every moment you steal,
Electric sparks grow in your fingertips
That have turned into lightning
Before you’ve even had the chance to breathe.

And if being close means I have to draw you the night,
So you can keep it held tight
Then godforbid
I’ll grab a pen and draw it in permanent ink;

Because forever belongs to tonight.


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