Published February 27, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

The nerves pulsate, ripping through my brain like a child opening their first present on christmas morning.
Like a tidal wave of shooting stars that only carry black dust in their cores;
Stars that have been shooting for so long, they forgot what they were aiming for. 
And don’t tell me that it doesn’t hurt,
Because just as much as a cut deep enough leaves a scar,
If you carry that weight around for too long,
Optimism will get tired
And it will leave a mark on your heart that’s dark enough for the naked eye to be blinded by it’s innate possibilities to hurt you. 
Don’t breathe because you feel you must, 
Breathe like everyone around you is telling you to stop,
But it’s your last day on earth so breathe in the dust,
Breathe in the souls that try to tear you apart
Because to them, it’s just lust.
Take every single finger that’s pointed to the ground because they’re trying to put you down
And twist them around.
Like the world’s a treasure hunt
And you’re the first one the sky found. 
Because you’re not alone.
And in every minute that breaks you, there’s 60 seconds to make you,
So be brave. 
Take each raindrop like a waterfall,
And bring the clouds down to your knees,
So that when you reach the summit
Of your dreams
You can look down on everyone
Who’s drenched at your feet.
Because you believed in what could be.
You touched the sun with your mind,
And you made it bleed.


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