To You

Published April 14, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

I will love you until
I can reach the stars
and hold them against my chest,
So that their light 
Burns through my heart.

I love you because
You can turn the sunlight to night,
but my eyes still find you,
Beneath the dark.

When you can lose yourself
but be nothing but that,
that is how I love you.

Because loving someone else 
isn’t on my list of wishes,
But I will wish on a million stars
until one carries me to you.

I want to wrap my hands around your heart,
and keep it together,
So the delicate stitching, 
doesn’t fall apart.

I will love you until
the earth turns grey
and my eyes follow.

When the sky bends and
is no longer that shade of blue;
When your fingers no longer fit mine
better than gloves do,

I will still love you. 

Because I have kept my forever
in a cage shaped box.
Of wire.
That burnt steel lines
on its walls.

that didn’t know love,

until you.


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