A Little Infinity

Published June 11, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

Some infinities are bigger than others.
I want to take ours
And turn it to gold dust
So we can make the stars jealous.
I want seconds to be hours
And years to be lifetimes
So we can take our hands
And say

These life-lines are ours.

So we can sit and sketch
Every laughter line from our face
To our hearts,
Not worrying about how long we’ve spent on them
Because we wanna remember them all.

Time flies,
And I wanna grow wings so I can catch up to it and slow it down.
I want it to move so slowly
That it forgets where it’s headed.
I want time to get lost so we can be found.

Solid ground…
Doesn’t seem so scary
When I’m falling for you. 

So take this clock from around my wrist
And tie it around itself,
So we can keep time in check
To make sure it doesn’t wander away from us.

Because my infinity
With you.


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