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Published July 6, 2015 by Amy Elizabeth

You pull us close,
Hearts beating side by side,
The touch of your lips;
while we sleep,
It’s the heaven I only dream of.
There is no more lust,
Only love.
The earth has shattered and we’re still falling;
Falling for each other like the first time we kissed,
It’s bliss.
Holding you…
Is everything.

But if everything has an end,
Then you’re not my everything.
Because if this were to end…

Don’t even say it.

I can’t take it,
I will shatter the floor beneath us
Until it’s enough to break us free.
I will shout
I will scream,
Until I cannot breathe.
The thought can force me down,
And I’ll sink far enough to taste the ground
we walk on
But these rocks between my teeth,
Will teach me dignity…
Not fear.

I will get back up;
I will whisper you sunrises
And steal you the stars.
I will walk this road a thousand times until it becomes “ours.”
But I’ll never count the last leaves of the fall,
Or settle in the colder air;
I want to sit between seasons
And watch the world stare,

Because with you…

Limbo can forever be enough.

I want to sit in this space forever.
This empty part of me is whole in here,
It blends in like water colours in the rain,
You are my paintbrush,
That paints away the pain.
Fill this life with endless wonder,
But make the sky the limit,
Because if you go too far,

I’m afraid.

I might let go.