Published November 14, 2017 by Amy Elizabeth

I’m standing in the spotlight
Ready to perform a dance
I’ve rehearsed
Day in
day out.
A dance I learnt when I was


It was supposed to be
A dance
That no one should have learnt
But every time I practice
The room is full of us.
Standing by the mirror,
Drawing lines with our
Of everything to unwind.
Every imperfection of any kind;
Writhing through the light to escape
to the shadows.

We are one in the same.

Continuously rehearsing

And over
And over again

Until our feet bleed and our muscles collapse,
Because no matter how much the mirror is lying to us,
The music of our anxiety drowns it out,
Until all that is left

Is skin

And bone.

Until we can no longer stand,
Because the fight has left us.

Are the unlucky ones,
Who are ready,
To perform.


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