A lot of my inspiration for my writing comes from this man – spoken word poet, Shane Koyczan. He is incredible in my opinion and deserves to be heard by many more ears than those that know him now. That is why I’m sharing a small selection of his work with you.

And yes, this is a small amount:

Another spoken word poet I have come across is Sarah Kay. She is much like Koyczan and inspires me in similar ways.

When someone can do something so beautiful with the words that we all know, and create such images in my head that I honestly believe I can feel the earth spinning beneath my fingertips, it invigorates me. Drives me to create something pure, something different. This is why I write. So hopefully one day, I’ll be like them, and I’ll inspire people to believe in the magic that writing can create. Even if it’s just one person, I still will have achieved something.


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