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Carving Tears

Published December 26, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

All I’m asking is one thing.
Don’t do this to me,
My heart is just too thin.
I can feel the fragments of my mind
Falling deeper under ground,
Only to be found
By those that will unwind.

Boney fingers
Sratching the surface,
Heavy with the weight of lying;
Fear, dread and hate.
Digging further
And further


Using nails sharp as knives,
Carving tears into the walls.
And with pure black chalk,
Creating darkness to erase
The stars,
Replacing them

With scars.


False Advertising

Published September 8, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

When I tell you I love you,
I don’t say it lightly.
It doesn’t just roll off my tongue,
it takes effort.
Like how planes have to reach speeds before they fly,
Like how the earth has to keep turning or we’d fall out the sky,
I can’t just say “I love you” and not mean it.

When I was 5, love meant family.
When I was 10 I learnt that love can sometimes break,
When I was 15 I learnt that picking up pieces of broken glass
will do more damage than just leaving them,
When I was 18, I no longer knew what love was.
True I had knowledge,
But it’s like an advert for a product you haven’t got,
you can reiterate what they tell you,
but until you’ve owned it
you don’t know.
You can’t teach people the secrets,
you can’t explain how it works,
you can’t recommend it to anyone,

Because you don’t know.

When I was 18, I finally bought it.
I finally bought into the thought that this would be a good idea.
Because getting hurt wasn’t in the item description
Damages were covered with a fresh coat of paint,
And I was getting something used,
but it was advertised as new.

And surprise surprise…
it broke.

And I had nothing left to do.
No receipt was given to me,
No return terms and conditions,
this broken thing in my hands was all I had left.
The pieces of glass wedged between my fingers where his hands uncomfortably sat,
The scratches on my heart when a week in he told me “I love you.”
It didn’t work, but nor did I want it to.
So I smashed it up,
I beat it down,
because what it gave me wasn’t what I paid for.
I deserved more.

So I exchanged it.

I traded for something new.
And along with that came
something borrowed
something old
and something blue.

I traded for you.

Because when you hold my hand
you do it right,
you accepted me when I said
“Turn off the light”
Your words left me with sparks,
not bruises
and when you said “I love you”
You meant it.

You came with a lifetime Guarantee
because you were made from different parts,
When every part of me ends,
I know that’s where you start.
You made me spell “love” like I was learning for the first time

L: Like nothing I’ve ever known before
O: Obstacles don’t seem so scary when I’m with you
V: Veins that no longer carry my blood but yours,
E: Everyday I’m with you is like new.

I’ve never wanted to learn so much in my life,
And you’re the kind of teacher I’d never had.
You taught me that being me,
Was beautiful.

So when I tell you

“I love you”

I don’t say it lightly.

A Little Infinity

Published June 11, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

Some infinities are bigger than others.
I want to take ours
And turn it to gold dust
So we can make the stars jealous.
I want seconds to be hours
And years to be lifetimes
So we can take our hands
And say

These life-lines are ours.

So we can sit and sketch
Every laughter line from our face
To our hearts,
Not worrying about how long we’ve spent on them
Because we wanna remember them all.

Time flies,
And I wanna grow wings so I can catch up to it and slow it down.
I want it to move so slowly
That it forgets where it’s headed.
I want time to get lost so we can be found.

Solid ground…
Doesn’t seem so scary
When I’m falling for you. 

So take this clock from around my wrist
And tie it around itself,
So we can keep time in check
To make sure it doesn’t wander away from us.

Because my infinity
With you.

Irrefutable Madness

Published May 20, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

I’ve never seen something
Quite so bright
As the way yours eyes shine,
Despite the darkness of your room,
When we awaken.
I’d say you never get to watch me sleep,
Because I always wake up before you – 
But I use your chest as a pillow more frequently
Than the one that’s on your bed;
And it’s because I get to hear your heart beat.
Every breathe you draw beneath me,
Not only fills your lungs,
But overflows so far into mine,
I’d need another pair to hold onto it all.
Because that’s what you do.
You make me aware of my breathing.
And for the first time,
I like it. 

Just like the way I like how your hand intertwines with mine,
I like the way your hair flicks at a perfect angle to the right,
And how you’re the only guy I’d consider loving, with a beard.

Lying with you is like flying with you,
Because every word you say
Only lifts me higher onto cloud 9.

I’m just sorry that sometimes it takes me a little longer
To formulate my problems 
Into something
That I’m not scared will make you love me any less.
I’m sorry if I hold your hand too tight,
For fear that if I don’t I might actually fall off the earth.
But most of all – I’m sorry that I cry. 

If your heartstrings were a violin,
Every time I cried, there would be music.
You just need to know
That whenever you try
To stop me,
It’s not my eyes that don’t listen,
It’s my veins.
Because I’m crying invisible blood
That was bled on the battlefields of the last four years.
Because those gunmen
Called themselves soldiers,
Which meant I was lead to believe
They were stronger than me.
So I took their crap lying down
Because the ground was like a blanket
That kept me safe from the sound
They’d shot inside my head.
And I couldn’t get up for anyone.

Not a blink, not a breath
Was remembered.
Not a touch. Nothing. 
The dirt beneath me just filled my soul,
Working its way up from underneath my fingernails
Where it had manifested itself
While I was failing to claw my way out of the insanity raging around me.
But just before my heart turned black…

There you were.

And despite being covered,
Head to toe,
In irrefutable madness;

You couldn’t see it. 

And I’ve never felt more beautiful.


Published May 5, 2014 by Amy Elizabeth

Is ringing my own heart the worst way to feel?
Cause my fingers feel like ash
That has been burnt one too many times.
The black dust becomes the surface
That will inevitably crumble.
And I can’t cope
If this tiny stretch of hope
That’s slowly learning to grow,
Turns to dust;
Because I will fall.

Wait…scrap that.

I have fallen.

I’ve fallen into depths.
And sometimes I forget how to come up
For air.

So I hope to god;
No matter if I’m too stupid to realise,
Or if I don’t tell you all the time,
Or if the amount I care slips your mind,
Or if I step out of line,

That I’m good enough for you.

Because although the tears don’t stain my face,
They settle in my lungs.
And the more I breathe,
The more I drown.

So please…
I’m begging you…

Save me.