Published November 14, 2017 by amyelizabethparsons

How do you do it?
How do you take a mess
And turn it into art?
With changes to the piece?
Or a change of




Published November 14, 2017 by amyelizabethparsons

I’m standing in the spotlight
Ready to perform a dance
I’ve rehearsed
Day in
day out.
A dance I learnt when I was


It was supposed to be
A dance
That no one should have learnt
But every time I practice
The room is full of us.
Standing by the mirror,
Drawing lines with our
Of everything to unwind.
Every imperfection of any kind;
Writhing through the light to escape
to the shadows.

We are one in the same.

Continuously rehearsing

And over
And over again

Until our feet bleed and our muscles collapse,
Because no matter how much the mirror is lying to us,
The music of our anxiety drowns it out,
Until all that is left

Is skin

And bone.

Until we can no longer stand,
Because the fight has left us.

Are the unlucky ones,
Who are ready,
To perform.


Published November 14, 2017 by amyelizabethparsons

I am lost.

The smell of you that lingers on my clothes
That clings to the depths of me,
Remembers times when we were together;
When you washed over me
Like no ocean ever could.
You drowned me in waves
Of belonging so fast,
I had to repeat my name
Again and again to make sure
It hadn’t entwined with

Too much.

Too late.

I am alone.

And I’m following a path that leads to

But you were here;
My compass.

Although, I guess I should have realised
You were broken
When instead of pointing north
You pointed directly to my heart,
But I loved that.
I love you.
It just . . .
Feels different now.
Like I’m supposed to know which
Direction to go
When my compass has
In two.

And yet If every word I’d ever spoken,
Was stolen from my lungs,
I’d still write you songs
I’d never sing,
Because you are my
You are the tune stuck on
That I cannot get out of my head,
But secretly,
I like it.


The turntable’s slowing,
And everything is now



Like a school kid in class
My name is called;
I reply “here”
But not present.

And the teacher signs me in anyway
Because who really knows
the difference?


Published July 6, 2015 by amyelizabethparsons

You pull us close,
Hearts beating side by side,
The touch of your lips;
while we sleep,
It’s the heaven I only dream of.
There is no more lust,
Only love.
The earth has shattered and we’re still falling;
Falling for each other like the first time we kissed,
It’s bliss.
Holding you…
Is everything.

But if everything has an end,
Then you’re not my everything.
Because if this were to end…

Don’t even say it.

I can’t take it,
I will shatter the floor beneath us
Until it’s enough to break us free.
I will shout
I will scream,
Until I cannot breathe.
The thought can force me down,
And I’ll sink far enough to taste the ground
we walk on
But these rocks between my teeth,
Will teach me dignity…
Not fear.

I will get back up;
I will whisper you sunrises
And steal you the stars.
I will walk this road a thousand times until it becomes “ours.”
But I’ll never count the last leaves of the fall,
Or settle in the colder air;
I want to sit between seasons
And watch the world stare,

Because with you…

Limbo can forever be enough.

I want to sit in this space forever.
This empty part of me is whole in here,
It blends in like water colours in the rain,
You are my paintbrush,
That paints away the pain.
Fill this life with endless wonder,
But make the sky the limit,
Because if you go too far,

I’m afraid.

I might let go.

Carving Tears

Published December 26, 2014 by amyelizabethparsons

All I’m asking is one thing.
Don’t do this to me,
My heart is just too thin.
I can feel the fragments of my mind
Falling deeper under ground,
Only to be found
By those that will unwind.

Boney fingers
Sratching the surface,
Heavy with the weight of lying;
Fear, dread and hate.
Digging further
And further


Using nails sharp as knives,
Carving tears into the walls.
And with pure black chalk,
Creating darkness to erase
The stars,
Replacing them

With scars.