Published October 27, 2013 by Amy Elizabeth

The eyes of defeat bore unto her,

And whispered the words only she

Could hear,

The words she’d so eagerly repressed;

Naively ignored too soon.


You can’t see the ever prominent


Of something you don’t understand.

What, with recovery too far gone,

Turning back was fruitless,

But pressing on was worse.


The tears in her mind are too deep,

She’s only filled the cracks,

What else is there to do,

With the threat of turning back?


It never shows: the line she walks on.

It never grows: the distance shrinks.

Everything she’s done: it can’t be gone?

Or is that all she wants to think?


The world around her begs her to cross.

It’s the ancient battle of heart vs. mind.

But not for love, for the opposite passion,

Of loathing; hatred; guilt of that kind.


She can’t go on forever,

Supressing her conscience into


And it scares her…


A lot.


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